About Us

Our Story

Prodentim is a dietary supplement designed to support oral and dental health in a natural way. Our founders created Prodentim after seeing many people struggle with gum disease, tooth decay, and other oral health issues that impact quality of life.

After researching the latest science, our team of experts formulated a blend of natural ingredients that work synergistically to promote a healthy mouth. The key ingredients in Prodentim were strategically chosen based on clinical evidence showing their benefits for oral and dental health.

We understand how important oral health is for overall health and wellbeing. That’s why our mission with Prodentim is to provide an accessible, natural solution to help people maintain healthy teeth and gums. We want people to smile confidently knowing they are supporting their oral health in a safe and effective way.

Our Values

At Prodentim, we are committed to upholding rigorous quality standards and product safety. We hold ourselves accountable to these core values:

Product Quality
Every batch of Prodentim is manufactured in the USA in an FDA registered, GMP certified facility. We source premium quality ingredients to ensure the consistency and purity of our formula. Our products go through extensive quality control testing at multiple points in the manufacturing process.

Science & Research
Our formulas are grounded in science. We constantly evaluate the latest dental and oral health research to ensure our products reflect cutting-edge scientific knowledge. Our Scientific Advisory Board includes doctors and scientists who inform our product development.

We believe education is key for improving public health. We provide science-based education on natural ways to support oral hygiene, so people can make informed decisions about their dental care regimen.

Our goal is to provide effective, natural dental support products priced reasonably so they are accessible to those who need them. We want people to be able to properly care for their teeth and gums.

Giving Back
We are committed to social responsibility. A portion of all sales goes towards organizations promoting oral health education and access to dental care services for underserved communities.

Our Ingredients

Prodentim contains a specialized blend of probiotics and plant extracts clinically shown to benefit oral and dental health in multiple ways. Our formula includes:

Lactobacillus Paracasei
This beneficial probiotic strain helps promote a balanced microbiome in the mouth which supports the health of teeth and gums. It also helps inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.

Lactobacillus Reuteri
L. reuteri is an antibacterial probiotic that helps control plaque and reduces inflammation in the gums which contributes to periodontal disease. Human studies find it can significantly decrease gum pocket depth.

B.lactis BL-04®
A patented probiotic strain that produces an enzyme called xylosidase which plays an important role in preventing cavity-causing bacteria from sticking to the teeth and forming plaque biofilms.

A prebiotic fiber that supports the growth of beneficial probiotics. Inulin acts as “fuel” for probiotics like those contained in Prodentim to thrive. It has also been shown to enhance mineral absorption.

Malic Acid
A natural fruit acid that promotes oral health by effectively removing stains on teeth and exercising mild antiseptic properties that help with bad breath. It also supports teeth remineralization.

Dicalcium Phosphate
A mineral that provides calcium and phosphorous which helps repair and strengthen tooth enamel. It also preserves bone density in the jaw.

Spearmint Leaf Extract
Spearmint is high in antioxidants and helps eliminate harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses in the mouth. Its anti-inflammatory actions help swollen or inflamed gums.

Peppermint Leaf Extract
Peppermint also discourages harmful pathogens from growing while supporting healthy gums by increasing blood circulation. The menthol provides a cooling sensation.

Our Manufacturing Process

Prodentim is manufactured right here in the USA in an FDA registered, GMP certified facility following the most stringent quality standards.

Our manufacturing process ensures each batch of Prodentim maintains the highest levels of purity, potency and consistency batch after batch. Here are some key controls in our manufacturing process:

Ingredient Sourcing
We source all ingredients from reputable suppliers who provide Certificates of Analysis showing purity and potency metrics for each ingredient batch. All ingredients undergo testing upon receipt as well.

GMP Compliant Manufacturing
Our manufacturing facilities are annually inspected by independent 3rd party auditors to ensure compliance with FDA’s strict Good Manufacturing Practices covering quality controls, equipment maintenance, manufacturing procedures, staff training, and testing protocols.

Advanced Testing Capabilities
During multiple stages of manufacturing – including raw ingredients, during processing and the finished product – each batch goes through quality control microbiology tests for purity as well as HPLC and infrared analysis assessing supplement potencies match our formulas.

Product Testing By Independent Labs
Every batch of our supplement finishes undergo final tests by accredited independent labs to re-confirm the supplement contains everything on the label at the stated amounts without any impurities. Our customers can look up the exact lab test results for any product batch number on our website.

Blister Packaging
Unlike bottles that expose contents to heat, air and moisture which can degrade supplements over time, Prodentim uses sanitary, sealed blister packs to maximize product stability and maintain ingredient efficacies until the expiration date. The packaging also has a UV coating to better protect against light exposure.

Commitment To Freshness
We manufacture smaller batch runs of Prodentim every 2 months so orders can be quickly fulfilled with in-date product. Compared to some supplement brands that manufacture only twice a year, this results in significantly fresher product delivered to customers.

Ongoing Improvements
Our scientific research team is continually reviewing the latest dental research and evaluating new technologies to refine our manufacturing processes. We are committed to making improvements that can enhance product quality and our capability to deliver higher value products.

Our Leadership

The Prodentim leadership team combines expertise across the dietary supplement, dental and scientific research fields who guide the strategic and R&D efforts behind the products:

Dr. Harold Katz – Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Katz is an innovator and leader in oral health who founded California Breath Clinics in 1989 to shift the paradigm towards natural preventative dental care. He formulated the first two-phase oral care system – consisting of an oxygenating compound and buffering rinse – designed to safely and effectively destroy bad-breath-causing bacteria. His unique formulas and patented delivery systems set new standards in oral care and led to the establishment of TheraBreath in 1994 to bring premium oral products direct-to-consumers.

Dr. Avon Neal – Scientific Research Director
Dr. Neal earned his PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Chicago Pritzer School of Medicine and has spent decades researching innovative healthcare technologies. His research interests focus on molecular interactions between bacteria, biofilms in the formation of oral disease. At Prodentim, Dr. Neal spearheads the Scientific Advisory Board to guide product development and clinical research programs advancing novel ways to support dental and oral health.

Kelsey White – Quality Control Director
Kelsey directs the Quality Control and analytical laboratories at Prodentim. She earned a degree in molecular biology from the University of Southern California and previously managed quality systems for a variety of nutraceutical companies. Her deep expertise in FDA compliance, HACCP planning, ISO auditing requirements and other regulatory issues around dietary supplement manufacturing has helped shape the strong quality culture driving Prodentim’s products and operations.

Our Future

As leaders in the oral health field, we are committed to developing innovative solutions backed by science that go beyond brushing and flossing to protect teeth and gums. We will continue expanding our line of professional grade products integrating advances in probiotic and phytonutrient therapies. And as always we strive to deliver the highest quality supplements every time at an affordable price to benefit all people.

The future possibilities excite us. By the end of 2025 we aim to reduce dental care costs for families struggling financially through our partnership with non-profits providing access to better preventative products and education. We dream of a day when tooth decay and expensive, painful dental treatments become obsolete because maintaining good oral health has become easy and affordable for everyone. We invite you to join us on this journey towards improving health outcomes as we expand the boundaries of what oral care makes possible.